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i can't run it when i click "no",what happened?that is terrible!

this time it was easier to see the other ending.

ending? who am I kidding? that yandere just closed the game!

w-wow. My favorite game creator's game modded.

Agh, you've made me play this! You used the word "Yandere", Nil is on the front, and it's a mod for a Nami game >.<

I'm scared to play this but it looks super good...


Yo, I can't escape Nil.

She haunted my files just because I said no.



...When did I say this?

I nearly started crying when space appered

Well done for this humorous mod/ sequel, including the unexpected but wacky "exception" screen.

Not sure if this is a bug, but I would've thought it more courteous for the said "exception" screen to show up (& bow 3 times, as well as sing a ditty by way of apology) immediately after NIL crashes me out, instead of appearing belatedly at the next game launch.

Tantalizingly, SPACE's character -- for the sake of Aphrodite, I'm going to assume she had played too much paintball without proper protection -- shows slightly more skin at a strategic spot. Unfortunately for us all, the game is even shorter than her dress. Thou shalt not maketh a game that ends within 5:55 minutes !

so I'm not the only one into the greek mithology? :D